SOBCon07 – Virtual Pre-Conference and Special Discount

As part of the SOBCon07 event, a few folks are gathering on Monday to host a Virtual Pre-Conference. Thirteen one-hour sessions on improving our blogging practice.

Hosted by some brilliant bloggers, on Monday, visit Successful Blog and jump in on any of the sessions with your best post on that subject, letting the ‘wisdom of we’ benefit everyone (all times CDT):

8:00 AM – Robyn McMaster on Laughter and Mistakes
9:00 AM – Sandra Renshaw on Graphics
10:00 AM – Mark McGuinness on Creativity
11:00 AM – Joe Hauckes on Navigation
12:00 PM- Rodney Rumford on Videoblogging
1:00 PM – Chris Garrett on Blogger Blunders
2:00 PM – Ellen Weber on Sleep and Music
3:00 PM – Wendy Piersall on Blogging Beyond the Blogosphere,
4:00 PM – Mike Wagner on Branding
5:00 PM – Terry Starbucker on What to Look for
6:00 PM – Chris Cree on Business Blogging
7:00 PM – Phil Gerbyshak on Being a Relationship Geek
8:00 PM – David Armano on the 4 Cs of Blogging

Conference_special_3 All through the weekend and the Virtual Pre-Conference, you can grab your seat for the live event on May 11-12 at a special price: $250 ($100 savings). The deadline for the special price is Monday night at 9:00 pm Central.

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    Dang! That’s what I get for falling so far behind on my feed reading — I missed the discount deadline for SOBCon07. Got too caught up with Austin events during SXSW and the whole Twittermania phenomenon. I still plan on going to Chicago though. After all, I’m an SOB with a reputation to uphold. :-)

  2. says

    Mike, thanks for the link – it was such a fun day to learn from so many bloggers out there. Now that’s what makes the work worth the effort:-).
    Looks like some of the most prolific bloggers are starting to unify – how cool is that!