2W2B: Preparing for a Breakthrough

2w2bkcover2 I’m excited about Lisa Haneberg‘s new book, Two Weeks to a Breakthrough, I accept her invitation to jump into the future with exuberance! And you’re coming with me.

The introduction explains that part of the daily process is sharing the goal, taking action and making requests. The suggestions Lisa offers fall into one of four categories, including ‘Obliterating Resistance’ – just saying that out loud almost motivates me to finish this book tonight.

The first four chapters (and a Prime the Pump exercise) prepare us for the Two Weeks to a Breakthrough, which begin here on Sunday. Each entry from this effort will begin with 2W2B in the headline.

Lisa will soon begin her Year of the Breakthrough tour on Hazel (her motorcycle). The tour is sponsored by my new favorite magazine, Motto. Lisa will be stopping in Central Iowa in mid-June (Panera U?). Can’t wait!

Obliterating Resistance…the kind of phrase that improves your posture.

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    Mike – Thanks so much. I have a confession – I have never been to a Panera. So, even if we don’t meet with a group there, I need to go! Thanks for your kind words and I look forward to my swing through your town.