2W2B: Building State of Mind Muscles

This is part of an ongoing series as I journal my way through Lisa Haneberg‘s book, Two Weeks to a Breakthrough. Today’s entry is from the preparatory Chapter 1. The 14-day journey begins on Sunday.

I believe in the power of questions as a conversation ignitor. In particular – the conversations we have in our own mind – conversations we sometimes take for granted.

Lisa lists five ‘states of mind’ that we can exercise in order to recognize and manifest possibilities:

  • Wonder: Do we recognize the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us, even in things seemingly ordinary? Do we stop and smell the roses? My buddy Brett does – and captures them for keeps.
  • Inquiry: Lisa talks about Provo-Evo Communication, a combination of provocative and evocative questions. If you’re an anthropologist, you’re probably doing some form of this already. If you’re not, I dub thee reader as such (now go, be inquisitive)
  • Abundance: My favorite of the five. Abundance mentality or scarcity mind-set? The former will lead to plentiful collaboration; the latter will lead to controlling ownership (and potentially a closed mind) Want others to stand with you?
  • Exuberance:Herein lies the main ingredient of being contagious in a fantastic way.
  • Courage: A state of mind that opens doors and possibilities that fear would never realize exist.

Five states of mind to exercise on this journey. Having these mindsets will surely transform the conversations we have in our own head, with our peers, and with our customers.

- Intro: Preparing for a Breakthrough

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