Why Do We Blog?

A new meme of tag is making its way around the blogosphere, Why Do I Blog? I was tagged by Valeria Maltoni and Chris Cree. That they even know of my existence is, in part, a testimony of why we blog – Connectivity.

So, the guideline is to share "5 Reasons Why I Blog," but rebel that I often am, twice tagged allows me ten (?).

Here’s What I Looked For Going In:

  • Findability – Like any business, I wanted those looking for my services to be able to find me in a search query. So, I started a blog site.
  • Extendability – The nature of the work I was doing meant I could get clients anywhere, and I wanted to extend my voice beyond Iowa. So, I started a blog site.
  • Affordability – The previous two items would be very expensive years ago. Phone book ads, banner ads, email newsletters, highway-robbery web (under)development costs…So I started a blog site.
  • Sustainability – Change is constant (except on many cob-web pages), and I wanted something that I could easily add to and modify. So, I started a blog site.
  • Trustability – Static web sites; Phone Book ads; marketing speak in general is so…plastic. Truth always bubbles up over time. So, I started a blog site.

Here’s What I Found:

  • Community – Many of the people I’ve met through or because of blogging have become friends. Whether we share interests, professions or region – we’re a community.
  • Connectivity – Bloggers are connectors. Need a <fill in the blank>? Post it on your blog and watch connections start to happen.
  • Collaboration – As a natural next step to connectivity, collaboration often begins. I’ve collaborated on projects, startups, events and even poetry.
  • Creativity – All of the above ignite the creative juices in my mind and spirit. There is so much talent out here. And put forth in so many different fashions. WOW.
  • Cumulation – I’ve become smarter, better, softer, faster…in part because of the blogs I read, the tools introduced, the people who have touched us.

Who’s Next:

Hold the phone my friendly reader – remember that rebel spirit I mentioned above? Though I’ve only tagged five above, that doesn’t mean you should stay silent. I’m tagging you now right between the i’s. If you want to share your Why I Blog – I’d love to read it (and this will be good practice to trackback here)

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