Porch Your Elevator Pitch

When it comes to building a team of contagious customers, don’t expect them to sneeze out your Elevator Pitch. Give them a Porch Pitch.

These days, elevator pitches are long-winded (see Wikipedia’s definition). They’re rarely transferable. If you’re going to build an army of contagious customers, you need to equip them with something they can remember.


Last year, on Brian Clark’s post How to Sell RSS (Or Where the Feed Fanboys Drop the Ball), I left this comment:

Elevator Pitch: If Knowledge is Power and Time is Money, think of Content Feeds as a way to gain Knowledge without wasting Time.

Porch Pitch: Gain Knowledge. Save Time.

Yesterday, I heard someone turn my porch pitch for RSS back into an elevator pitch – but that the length didn’t matter. What matters is he remembered it and delivered a rock-solid pitch on the benefits of Search Once and Subscribe.

Guy Kawasaki prefers Mantras Over Missions. Anita Campbell asks Can You Describe Your Business Strategy in Two Words? Your customers and prospects would probably applaud both articles.

Can you deliver your pitch on a porch? Can visitors to your blog or website immediately pick up on your porch pitch? Is your pitch something your customers and "sneezers" can redeliver to their audience?


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