Hey Car – Go to the Grocery Store For Me

We've all done this right? We need some things at the store, we put the grocery list on the windshield wiper and tell the car to go get the groceries.  What are you shaking your head for?  You haven't done this? Okay, okay...different scenario... We want to extend our voice, improve our findability and be known as THE expert in our field. We launch a blog, telling it … [Read more...]

It’s a Web Site, Silly (And Much More)

"What's a Blog?" We hear this question a lot, don't we? I try to keep the answer simple as possible. Here's one I've used most:A Blog site is a Web site on vitamin juice, Each is a series of web pages (remember, search engines index by page) Blogs have time-stamped, archived pages (permalinks), Web site pages are often simply modified Blogs should allow for some … [Read more...]

Apple iPod a la Nope or It’s not a wePod

I was all set to carry on Tim Johnson's idea about sharing a soundtrack of my life. I was all set to download 10 songs on iTunes and share it in a future post...until I read about the worm in Apple's core. Apple has killed iPod Mondays, a weekly event of raving iPod fans who gathered to share their playlists. This is a diverse community, bringing together fans of all ages. It … [Read more...]

Twice the BlogTalkRadio for the Price of One (It’s Free!)

We'll be having two shows on BlogTalkRadio this week. One special show this afternoon at 2:00 pm Central (check your time) and our workshop on Thursday morning at 6:30 AM Central (check your time). Today, we'll be talking with two business leaders who have an abundance of special knowledge and contagious enthusiasm. Melynda DeCarlo and Tammy Rogers are the founders and of the … [Read more...]

Amuse: Void of Thought?

If the definition of Atypical is the opposite of Typical (def.) - then would Amuse be the opposite of Muse (def.)? The answer is no - at least not anymore, though maybe so in yesteryear - though and it makes for an interesting thought in light of the ongoing Did Television Cultivate Information Overload conversation below. … [Read more...]

MobaTalk to My Blog

Two weeks after launching the MobaTalk/MyChingo voice mail widget on this site, I'm thinking it's a keeper. Especially after hearing about the upgrades they are preparing. I've found that Greg Balanko-Dickson sure asks great questions. One was how to embed these messages singularly in a post, such as this one (mp3) Dave Kurns asked about administration of the tool (mp3). What … [Read more...]

Why Do We Blog?

A new meme of tag is making its way around the blogosphere, Why Do I Blog? I was tagged by Valeria Maltoni and Chris Cree. That they even know of my existence is, in part, a testimony of why we blog - Connectivity. So, the guideline is to share "5 Reasons Why I Blog," but rebel that I often am, twice tagged allows me ten (?). Here's What I Looked For Going … [Read more...]

Did Television Cultivate Information Overload?

I just had a great discussion with a friend conducting a study ignited by some of George Gerbner's theories. Though I used to watch much more television as a youth than I do now (I'm at about 20-30 minutes a day - and in small chunks at that), I recognize how TV, especially dramatic TV has changed. Bonanza. Perry Mason. Mission:Impossible. Each normally had one story per show. … [Read more...]

I Miss You!

Posts have been quick and shortMy comments elsewhere, I've been missingIf I don't catch up soon,Some serious blog cabooses, I'll be kissing. But one of the beauties of the blogosphere;And of the friendships that we build,Is that your voices stay alive in head and heartEven with planners temporarily over-filled. Over the past week or more...Many offline changes have taken … [Read more...]

A Blogger, a Baker and a Relationship Maker

Working with business owners looking to boost their bottom line, a lot of our conversation centers around their marketing plans and practices. Last month, I had a new restaurant owner ask my thoughts on who he should network with. I suggested he find a cab driver, a hotel front desk clerk and a bartender. Each one of these professionals are already in the habit of sharing their … [Read more...]