I Miss You!

Posts have been quick and short
My comments elsewhere, I’ve been missing
If I don’t catch up soon,
Some serious blog cabooses, I’ll be kissing.

But one of the beauties of the blogosphere;
And of the friendships that we build,
Is that your voices stay alive in head and heart
Even with planners temporarily over-filled.

Over the past week or more…
Many offline changes have taken place;
I’m beginning to see the light at the end
I’m eager to see your bloggy face.

So thanks for your passion and patience
I’ll be dropping by in a short while
Your feeds have kept me fed with much thought
Some good tips, a few yikes and a whole lotta smile.

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  1. says

    Hey Mike – You had me at bloggy face. That’s about the best link text I have pointing to me. Maybe someday soon, I’ll rank in Google for the phrase :)

  2. Andy Beard says

    Nice poetry
    Just one note – I placed the biggest tip within a graphic on my coComment writeup – the one with the description of my comment feed on Technorati.
    I encourage everyone to use coComment extensively.
    With coComment you are effectively creating another blog of your comments, every time someone leaves a comment on your blog who is using coComment, you get a link on their comment blog.

  3. says

    >Hi Char, thankfully bored is not a state I’ve lived in yet. Don’t even know the way:-) You too from what I can see.
    >Hiya Tony:-) You’ve got the best bloggy faces in the conversphere!
    >Hey CK:-) Thanks…one less thing to do?
    >Hi Andy – You’re coComment tip will get more pub here as soon as I implement it. Great Stuff, you generous genius!

  4. Andy Beard says

    Trackbacks: I am not a Typepad / Moveable Type user so I am not sure why this happens, but why didn’t a ping show up from your post on my blog. Do you have ping switched off?

  5. says

    This was the most delicious gift, what a clever way of putting it all together! Thank you for thinking of me. I like your term ‘conductor’ in the title; the other aspect of this new way of communicating I love is the fact that we can change the terminology to get closer to the actual work.