Whistle Stops 1/5/07

Whistlestops_39_1 For weekend reading, Whistle Stops will be a Friday feature in 2007:

  • Harvest the Fruit of Your Mistakes by Curt Rosengren at The Occupational Adventure: We all sow seeds called mistakes, but do we reap the rewards of them? Rewards from mistakes? Lessons.
  • Why Cook? by Ann Michael at Manage to Change: Along the same lines, you think the first person to put meat over a fire got it right from the start?
  • I Bet Martha Stewart Orders In by Hannah Steen at Growth Capitalism: If she does, maybe she’s only in the work for the money. The gist of Hannah’s question – Do you love what you do enough to do it when you’re not at work?
  • MyBlogLog – Antisocial Behavior? by Andy Beard:Andy makes some great points about one of my favorite tools. I think if MyBlogLog would put the ‘Join Community’ and ‘Add as Contact’ buttons on the same page, it would eliminate some confusion.
  • An OPML File for the Z-List by Frank Roche at KnowHR: Very nice. I couldn’t keep up with the growth of the Z-List, but importing this OPML file into my feed reader will allow me to continue the discovery process.  Thanks, Frank!
  • Mind the Gap – The Podcast by Mack Collier at The Viral Garden: Short and insightful – I think we’re going to find more bloggers starting to podcast/videocast this year.
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