Whistle Stops – 01/27/07

Some posts worth reading even in the busiest of weeks…

  • Passion in Your Career, How Do You Find It? by Lori Grant at Smart Lemmings (feed): Lori talks about passion being a jourey, not a destination. This post helps us recognize the sign posts and navigate our journey.
  • Who is Your Blog For? Not, for whom do you blog? by Kate Trgovac at My Name is Kate (feed): Is your blog for you or for your audience? Kate shoots straight and hits the target here.
  • A Business Blog is Still Personal by Ben Yoskovitz at Business Blogs Now (feed): We like doing business with people we like. Keep the corporate message in the brochures.
  • SEO Copywriting Techniques that Readers Love by Brian Clark at Copyblogger (feed): Brian’s post proves why he’s been nominated for a bloggie.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing – Are You Facilitating Talk? by Ron McDaniel at Buzzoodle (feed): Ron provides 6 ways to “nudge” your message internally and externally.
  • Understanding Syndicated Feeds for Your Corporate Website: by Jeremiah Owyang at Web Strategy by Jeremiah (feed): Jeremiah’s first line is a winner, “If your website at your company doesn’t have Syndicated feeds on your website,
    please send this to your web team, (this post is) here to help.”

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