Podcasting is Easy as a Phone Call

Late last year, I wrote Blogging is Easy as Email. When business leaders find out how easy it really is, I sense their defenses about blogging melt away.

Now, there’s good news if you’re thinking about podcasting, BlogTalkRadio makes it as easy as a phone call.

Recently, I started holding workshops on BlogTalkRadio as a way to extend our efforts beyond Iowa. Like the Iowa Workshops – the show is early in the morning, but the BTR team record and format the show into a podcast.  Free to both host and listener. We like free.

There are some great business thinkers already hosting shows on BlogTalkRadio:

I’ve wanted to do audio as a companion to the text on the blog, so let’s give it a try. After a quick scheduling for this call, I just pick up the phone and dialed in – here’s the recording:

Their service has been outstanding with an engaging team behind the scenes dedicated to making your experience a success. So what are you waiting for?  Reach out and touch your customers … with a podcast.

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