Hey Blog Coach, How Do I Subscribe to a Feed?

We’re big into mantras here. Our most popular is A Blog Posting Mantra (quick, what’s # 4?). I share mantras like these to customers (pupils?) because it’s an easy way to remember steps.

A big chunk of what I do is teach people how to recognize and subscribe to feeds (Search Once and Subscribe)

Once you find the feed button or link:

  1. Right Click (CTRL + Click for MACs)
  2. Copy Link (aka Shortcut)
  3. Add a Feed (See Get Started Reading Feeds)
  4. Subscribe

Easy, no? Repeat after me (out loud)

Right ClickCopy LinkAdd a FeedSubscribe

Auto Discovery may make this a non-issue someday. Feedburner SmartFeed makes it easy to subscribe. But right now, we’re all over the map.

This mantra will help avoid confusion or a page filled with gobbledycode.

Try it here: ConverStations RSS Feed

Right Click – Copy Link – Add a Feed – Subscribe

Search Once and Subscribe
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