Dialing 8 – David Armano

I don’t know if this is still the norm, but it used to be that when staying at a hotel, "Dialing 8" was how you started a long-distance phone call. In baseball, "Dialing 8" is a term synonymous with a home run.

In blogging, the folks I work with hear me talk about writing cornerstone posts, or a foundation of your work. Recently, I’ve talked a lot about the timeless aspect of blogging and how your efforts are a living document. What you write today, can still be found and valued this time next year – or later.

One of the reasons I read blogs is the people writing them help me to improve who I am either professionally, physically or spiritually. The posts that I choose as part of the Dialing 8 series are those I feel are their cornerstones – ones that resonate within me, a member of their audience.

We begin with someone who goes the distance often, David Armano at Logic+Emotion

  1. Manifesto Redux
  2. A Simple Philosophy
  3. Creativity 2.E
  4. We Are Not Alone, Life 2.0
  5. Experience Map?
  6. (Not) Staying in the Lines
  7. Contagious Culture
  8. Creating Compassionate Designers
Well, I gotta stop at eight because it’s called Dialing 8 – but if I were to continue, I’d add these:
What’s the Big Execution?

And thanks, Dave. Appreciate your sharing this presentation with us.

Dig in and go deeper into Dave’s work. Which one gets inside your wheelhouse?

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