Dialing 8 – David Armano

I don't know if this is still the norm, but it used to be that when staying at a hotel, "Dialing 8" was how you started a long-distance phone call. In baseball, "Dialing 8" is a term synonymous with a home run. In blogging, the folks I work with hear me talk about writing cornerstone posts, or a foundation of your work. Recently, I've talked a lot about the … [Read more...]

In a Blog a da Vida, Honey – It’s Crantastic

I was talking with a conservative business owner recently about...well, you know what it was about. He said he thought "we" needed to change the word BLOG to something else for it to really stick in business. I disagreed, the word is out there - let's get over it and move ahead. Now this guy isn't just white-collar conservative, he's tight-collar conservative. But … [Read more...]

Company Blog: Should You or Should You Not?

I've noticed conversations around the blogosphere and offline about whether a company should start a blog. Here are three: Bruce Prokopets at SocialCaster shares his bottom line on a conversation between Mike Manuel and Jim Turner. Does it make sense for a local pizza company to blog? Carolyn Manning's recent comment here poses the question of whether its more beneficial … [Read more...]

Blogarithmics: EFLAP? What Stats Get Included?

Continuing to think about Blogarithmics and the conversation about it... As this thought relates to businesses who blog (rather than blogs as a business), we're searching for a weighted measuring stick. Something we can use as a barometer that might address strengths and weaknesses in our blogging practice. Keep in mind, this is thinking out loud. Drawing something up on the … [Read more...]

Hey Blog Coach – What’s With the Blogroll?

Isn't it great that blogs, like people, are organic and evolving? After all, there's only one Immutable Law of Business Blogging, right? I have had some folks ask why I don't have a blogroll on my blog. Don't I think they are important? Yes, yes I do think blogrolls are important. And, there are different ways to use blogrolls. I point out that I have a separate page for my … [Read more...]

Blogumentary: Building the Blog


Previously, we started pondering the purpose for the blog. With over 40 artists contributing to the Blue Frog Arts environment, everyone is chiming in with thoughts. While that brainstorm is forming, we can build out the blog a bit. Checking with TypePad's Getting Started page, we find a section on Customize your Design. This is what we had out of the gate: We log in to … [Read more...]

Blogarithmics: How Do We Measure Blogs?

I've been thinking a lot lately about how we can measure blog efforts for our customers. I recall a thought shared last year by Mary Hodder on this subject, but did someone find a measurement? I'd like to analyze the efforts of our customers using the following items in a weighted formula (listed randomly here): Number of posts Number of incoming comments Number of author's … [Read more...]

Jim Foster Doesn’t Blog – Or Does He?

In Ted Demopoulos' latest book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting, there is a story about Jim Foster - and he doesn't blog.  Or does he? As a sales pro, Jim uses search engines and tracks blogs for information about clients, prospects and industry news that matters to their products. Smart thinking. This reminds me of the story A Single Feed Creates … [Read more...]

Quick Thoughts Heading Out

Lately, I've been on the road traveling across rural Iowa and I love it. It's a peaceful dream I see...today we're in Centerville, Iowa. WKRN in Nashville is doing a great job with their blogs. Each personality has their own site, including Neil Orne, John Dwyer, and Jerry Barlar. Think their building a loyal audience? Sounds like Sandy went to a Horse and Buggy show … [Read more...]