Dialing 8 – Kami Huyse

In hotels, Dialing 8 was calling long distance. In baseball, Dialing 8 is a home run. In blogging, Dialing 8 is a set of posts from a blogger that I find lasting long and being strong – the cornerstones.

KamiCommunication Overtones by Kami Huyse

  1. The New Public Relations
  2. The Culture of Generosity in Social Media
  3. Your Take: PR as Stakeholder Advocates
  4. Work Interrupted: Is a PR Blog Worth the Time?
  5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Blogs
  6. The Real Issue: Press Releases or Distribution
  7. Blogger Relations: 5 Basic Cultural Facts
  8. Public Relations Professionals Should Be Accredited

And four that just missed the cut (Can we call this Dialing 12?)

Kami is a conversation conductor, often getting double-digit comments. She has also become a go-to on the subject of Second Life as a business tool (a list of her Second Life posts).  Thanks for your efforts, Kami. We’re smarter because of them.

David Armano

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  1. says

    What I love about Mike is that he puts the social in social media. I can hardly believe I made your Dialing 8 feature, but thanks for reading, and thanks for participating in the conversation.