Des Moines Register: Seriously Blogging

Now the Des Moines Register is getting serious. Serious about creating conversations with and about their communities. Most of the blogs are co-branded under the Juice banner, columnists and journalists are blogging, readers are commenting -- and last week, the Register launched the Urbandale Community Portal which I think is a super idea. They're paving the way for … [Read more...]

Today’s Specials are…

Wouldn't it be great if your favorite restaurant/deli/caterer would announce specials via RSS? A menu:   An image: Links back to their site for each item (maybe with an order form). Use of Technorati Tags or Bookmarks. All delivered via RSS. That would be nice. Photos from Panera (where else?) … [Read more...]

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo — on

As I gear up for the start of NaNoWriMo starting on Wednesday, I decided to write the book simultaneously on a blog. I was thinking about how the blog should be built - and I'd have loved to put it on My plan is to have different pages: The Book - The main page on the blog would actually be the book as I write it. Character Profiles - As the characters get … [Read more...]

MyBlogLog Communities – Gems and a Jim

One of my goals this weekend was to dive deeper into the fast growing community of MyBlogLog. I joined several communities of familiar and favorite blogs. I also placed a Recent Readers widget in the Experiments section in the sidebar. As I was joining some of these communities, I kept seeing one person's picture over and over again. Recognized commonality is a foundation for … [Read more...]

Thowin’ My Dog…an RSS feed?

As soon as I read Renee's A Little Love and A Whole Lot of Tips, I called Lucy up on my lap. Lucy loved it. Her first blog. We continued surfing and I taught her about RSS feeds - she learns quick, but she's a Sansone. She asked if we could subscribe to a few blogs, so we found some she liked: Of course, Renee's Small Dogs Paradise was Lucy's first choice (Do you remember the … [Read more...]

Are Auto Sellers Blogging?

While in the bookstore to pick up my copy of What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting (did you know there are six Iowans interviewed?), I briefly met a local Chevrolet dealer and we chatted a bit about blogs. There were some quizzical looks mixed with genuine interest. And so it goes for those who evangelize blogging as a conversational medium for … [Read more...]

The Nuts & Bolts of Lawyer Blogging

I'll be speaking at YBLAWG 2006 on Friday, November 10 in Johnston, Iowa. YBLAWG is a cooperative effort between successful Iowa blawgers, Brett Trout and Rush Nigut. It is believed to be the first conference on blogging that offers CLE hours (7.0 CLE hours, including 1.0 on Ethics). There's still time to register (and who knows, maybe I can swing some seats on a pass list). … [Read more...]

Dive into Some Archives

When I first started out blogging, I took a few hours during the weekends to dive into some archives of blogs from Jodee Bock and Raj Setty. I learned a lot from what they wrote, but also by their examples about voice, length and conversational tone. If time allows, I plan on diving 'n' digging into a few archives this weekend (we're always learning, right?) A Bird's Eye View … [Read more...]

Incredibly Humbled

Maria Palma has honored a armful of bloggers with entry into the CustomersAreAlways Hall of Acclaim. I'm humbled to be included with such a great group of customer-lovers because I read each of their blogs -- you see they (including Maria) help shape my view on customer service. If I could, I'd gather this group around a Panera coffee table now and again so we could brainstorm … [Read more...]

Did You Get the Memo? CGM in WDM

Pete Blackshaw is coming to Des Moines next week. And he's bringing some CGM knowledge with him. The originator of the term "CGM" and co-author of a recent Whistle Stop, Why Blogging Matters... will be in Iowa for the AMA luncheon on Wednesday, November 1. CGM has long been a passion for me, having operated the AOL Real Fans Network Team Clubs in the late '90s prior … [Read more...]