Is Blogging a Marketing Tool?

Short Answer: YesLong Answer:  Definitely I'm pleasantly surprised to see that this site is ranked #15 at The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs. (Actually, I did a bit of an end zone celebration at first - then remembered, "Hey, this is what you get paid to do.")  Mack Collier does a great job putting the list together and I share it often with Iowa … [Read more...]

How Blogs Make Me Smarter – Quicker

A quick example of why I read blogs: Today, I'll be speaking at the Iowa Rural Health Association Summit. We'll be talking mostly about RSS Feeds, Sustained Connectivity and Synchronized Communications. In preparation for the event, I immediately went to Know More Media's HealthCare Vox by Fard Johnmar. Fard points to Healia and OrganizedWisdom as two resources I can share. I … [Read more...]

Blogging and Conversations

True confession time. It's been almost four full days since writing a blog post (anywhere), reading the feeds I follow (except for a few important searches and favorite sites) and/or commented on another blog.  I've missed the people. (I just heard Maria got married) So much. catch up on, to share, to comment on. But where to start? With my ears and eyes. … [Read more...]

Globeblogging or Blogtrotting?

It's great how networking and meeting fellow bloggers make for fantastic meetings offline. My blogging buddy, Tim Johnson (IA) talks in a recent post about Phil Gerbyshak (WI) meeting with Liz Strauss (IL). Later this weekend, Phil is meeting up with Steve Farber (CA) and Starbucker (CT). Good stuff! Tonight, I'll be attending a concert of one of my favorite bloggers, Christine … [Read more...]

Graceland University Shines at SIFE World Cup

Graceland University. National Champions. From Lamoni, IA (est. pop. 2,500) to Paris, France to compete in the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) World Cup. With 45 countries competing, the Graceland University team reached the Final Four (along with China, India and Malaysia) and finished second - in the world! Congratulations to the Graceland team, their advisors and … [Read more...]

An Example of Handling Negative Comments

A few days ago, I posted about the Facebook situation. I've already used it as an example to clients. There's another exchange I've been using as an example, but it's with a small business owner and a former employee. Back in March, I did a write-up on one of my favorite business blogs, Two Maids and a Mop. This was before the days of BlogTipping and before I knew about Small … [Read more...]

Giving Second Life a Second Try

A few weeks ago I gave Second Life a try to see what all the hoopla was about. It was an interesting experiment, but I walked away unimpressed. Probably because one time I got stuck in the water (shrunk my clothes and changed genders on me), and another because I couldn't quite get the "flying" down (or is it up?) On Thursday, September 14 (tomorrow), I'm going to … [Read more...]

Who’s On for the Third?

Joseph Thornley, CEO of Thornley Fallis Group, has set-up two gatherings I'd love to attend. Third Mondays in Ottawa and Third Tuesdays in Toronto will be a forum for PR pros to discuss social media from a PR perspective. Modeled after the Bay Area's Third Thursday (345 members strong!), this event is one I hope to follow via somebody's blog (Chris?) The initial events have … [Read more...]

Facebook: Lessons From Outside the Glass House

Dr. Delaney Kirk asks in a recent comment about my thoughts on the Facebook issue. I'll share them out loud - so to write. Looking at a Technorati search for Facebook, we find a lot of people talking. Much from upset customers. Changes were made without enough explanation or instructions on how to use them. Lots of questions, mostly about privacy. Some great lessons … [Read more...]

Six Disciplines: A Playbook for Sustainable Success


It's not just a book. It's a playbook. I've been reading the Be Excellent blog for awhile. Two weeks ago, I began reading the book, Six Disciplines for Excellence. Perfect timing with the impending launch of BIZolution. It now has a permanent place in my laptop bag. Any business could benefit greatly by ditching their Operations Manual - if they have one - and using Six … [Read more...]