Synchronize Your Communications

Stopwatch_1   To many of us are out of sync in our business communications. Email, voice mail, snail mail, face-to-face, phone calls, memos, post-its, articles, news clippings….and the matter of expectation

When I suggest to business people they should subscribe to feeds and :::gasp::: launch a business blog, their eyes roll to the back of their head. "I’ve already got so much to do."

What isn’t realized is how Search Once and Subscribe will synchronize their communications, not add to the pile. Or how blogging will communicate to a large(r) audience – and change the expectations.

Blogging has actually cut my email down – and I believe added value to my customers. Now instead of answering the same question multiple times, often clients will do a search on the blog first. Saves both of us time.

I also send posts as an answer to emails. Sometimes mine, sometimes from other blogs.

Change the Expectations. Synchronize Your Communications.

As I write this, Seth Godin posts: What’s Expected. Nice timing. Almost synchronous.

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    yep this was so helpful.

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