Dave Taylor on Business Blogging

Dave Taylor's talk at the Affiliate Summit is available for your viewing and thinking pleasure. Before you think about skipping this because you don't do affiliate marketing, let me encourage you to transfer some of the basic business practices Dave discusses so they fit your model. Also know that while Dave is big on blogging, he's not a blogging clone. Watch this. It's an … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Bloggers: Writing/Journalism

This one is going to be tougher than Teriyaki Steak on a Stick... The Right Conversation, Meryl's Notes, Below the Fold and Rough Type each deserve a mention. So does Jurgen Wolff's Time to Write. However, this Blue Ribbon goes to Brian Clark at Copyblogger. He writes great headlines - and shows you how too (though I'll stick to the Blog Posting Mantra for most of my folks - … [Read more...]

Blogging School: At the Bookstore

Growing up, one of my favorite times of year was "Back to School" - not necessarily going back, but getting a bunch of new stuff. Books. Clothes, School Supplies. Loved it! With our Blog Workshop set for Thursday - and the launch of our Get Started Blogging webinars just on the horizon (September 7th - details to come) - I thought it appropriate to share thoughts on … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Bloggers: Entrepreneurial Spirit

Continuing with our Blue Ribbon Bloggers, today's award honors a few that I have in a folder, Entrepreneurial Spirit. While many of the feeds/bloggers I read have this spirit, the blogs I put in this folder focus on this subject - and there are many to choose from. With just one Blue Ribbon per category, (I almost gave out two here): Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim is … [Read more...]

Extreme Leadership Teleconference

Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap and The Radical Edge is offering a FREE teleconference on Monday, August 14th at Noon Eastern/9:00 a.m. Pacific. Details on how to join can be found at Steve's Extreme Leadership blogsite. If you haven't had the experience of hearing Steve present his ideas, you're in for a treat. I have an appointment during the conference (though I'm … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Bloggers: PR/Communications

To help celebrate the Iowa State Fair this week, I'm going to dish out a few Blue Ribbons and Corn Dogs, recognizing a few blogs I favor. I'll be using the folders in my GreatNews feed aggregator for categories. Today's category is Public Relations/Communications: There are so many great PR/Comm sites (Constantin Basturea offers a comprehensive listing using Grazr) it's hard to … [Read more...]

Sometimes I Wonder about (Business) People

Sometimes I wonder about business people... Three times in the last two days, I've had leading professionals tell me they (their company) don't have time or desire to blog. Mind you, this is NOT after a presentation on my part - just in casual, introductory conversation. They almost seem to be laughing at the whole blogging "craze" as something that's about to pass. … [Read more...]

The Battles Hymn of the Blogger

If your blogging becomes a chore,Something you dread to do.Be slow to blame the blogBecause maybe it's just you. This doesn't happen to everyoneBut maybe you're battling Blogger's BlockStop trying to strike gold with each postor you'll find yourself losing to the clock. Maybe you fear nobody's reading your stuff,They're there - if not today in the morrowWrite as if you'll … [Read more...]

Business Blogging Workshops


If you're in or around Iowa on August 17, you're invited to a FREE, 2-hour business blogging workshop. The workshop will cover important topics such as: How to follow the conversations using social media search tools Why your company should engage in these conversations What are the differences between blog sites and (cob)web sites Questions to answer before you begin … [Read more...]

Quick Thoughts at the Start of a Busy Weekend

Getting ready to launch a new startup is exhilarating, invigorating and not at all exhausting. I'm immersed in two with good size to them and adding my pennies to a few others. It's pay for play, folks...   With that, I love this line from David Armano: "If the Big Idea is the what, then Big Execution is the how.  We need both." Have you ever found a … [Read more...]