Customer Footprints on Corporate Hind Parts

The Times Online article, Bloggers put the boot into big business is worth the read, with several great nuggets. One that caught my eye:

"A corporate blog is a way of redressing the balance. Most companies have more ‘authority’ about their brand than a blogger, said Rogers. But if a company is failing to communicate with its customers online, the opportunity is there for someone else to fill that gap — and the company may not like what they have to say. "

Blogs are F.A.D. Look, I’m not suggesting that companies cower to customers (I don’t think the article is either), that would be chaos. Collaborate with your customers. Develop a relationship. Blogging is just one way to do that.

In fact, the best line of the article is almost a mantra, isn’t it?

"Blogging is a conversation, and the first and most important step for companies is to listen."

Thanks to Munir Umrani of the The Blogging Journalist for pointing this article out. I follow many feeds of blogs and search results, but none about blogging news. Why? Munir provides the most in-depth coverage of blogging news appearing in the mainstream media.

Update: It’s not just the big corporate folks that need to heed. Church of the Customer points to this customer complaint about a local plumber.

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