Quick Thoughts from a Head Cold

Is Des Moines the next LOBAU, USA?…Good to see Paul Chaney back at the reins of Radiant MarketingMark White has a thorough eCourse (look under the pencils) on Better Business Blogging – and it’s Free! We love Free.

Creating Passionate Users recently asked "What Makes a Popular Blog?" 133 comments and counting…Darren Barefoot is looking for advice on House Swapping. I wonder if Home Based Holidays has that term plugged into their Blog Search feeds…Scott Berkun is offering 5 copies of his tome, The Art of Project Management to folks working at a start-up. Anyone want to hire me for a day?

Where does KnowMoreMedia find so many rock-solid bloggers?…Is there anything worse than a head cold during the start of summer?…Two books I’m looking forward to reading are Publish & Prosper and The Corporate Blogging Book…Speaking of books, the post officer assures me that Phil’s gift is safe, but it will be a week before they can fix the lock on the box.

Almost forgot – what’s LOBAU? Land Of Business As Usual (borrowed from Mark Stevens’ Your Management Sucks)

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    Thanks for the mention, Mike – much appreciated. Keep up the good work on ConverStations, I always enjoy reading your posts. All the best!