Whistle Stops – 03/21/06

In honor of the graduates of today’s Get Started Blogging workshop, our stops visit blogging hacks and tips:

  • Blogger Hacks at Freshblog (feed): A master list of hacks, tips and tricks for those using Blogger blogware.
  • Typepad Hacks at Typepad Hacks (feed): New blog has quickly developed a community of users. A site to watch and learn from.
  • Typepad Tips at (yep) Typepad Tips (feed): Getting the most out of Typepad by following the feed on this site.
  • WordPress.com category by Lorelle on WordPress (feed): Lots of tips on this site, but this link is just the dotcom posts.
  • 10 Technorati Hacks and 10 RSS Hacks at Micro Persuasion (feed): There are other hacks on this site – use the search, subscribe to the feed.

Other sites discussed today:

  • ICE Tag Generator
  • Mike’s Bloglines Blogroll
  • Workshop Reference List (pay attention to the last section)

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