Search Once and Subscribe

SearchSearch Once and Subscribe.

Your Name, Your Company, Your Keywords and Phrases, Your web or blog URL, Your Competition, Your Industry, Your Clients, Your Prospects.

Next time you search – Search Once and Subscribe. Why?

1) Saves time. How many times have you repeated a search this month, this week, or even today? Most search engines allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed (what is RSS?)of a search string. Search once, subscribe, get notified of changes. Search Once and Subscribe

2) Instant Knowledge. Know when something good or bad is said about you or your company. Know when someone links to your web site. Know when a news item is published about you, your competitor or your industry. Search Once and Subscribe

3) Show You Care. Repeat the same steps for your best clients or prospects currently in the sales cycle. If something comes up that interests them, you can forward it and prove that you care for them. Use these tools as a news clipping service. Search Once and Subscribe.

4) It’s Free. For now.

You can either do this as you go or invest an hour and get it done. Get in the habit of Search Once and Subscribe.

Here’s what I use for my own Search Once and Subscribe:

News: Google News & Topix
Blogs: Technorati Search & Google Blog Search
Conversations: Technorati Tags
Social Tag Search
Site URLs: Technorati Watchlists
General Web Search: Yahoo Search

Feed Readers: SharpReader and Bloglines

This post has a subliminal message: Search Once and Subscribe!

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