Extending Reach with the Washington Post

The Washington Post article on how Blog Buzz Helps Companies Catch Trends in the Making made the blogosphere rounds yesterday, appearing on 31 blogs according to Technorati and posted seven eight times on del.icio.us.

The article itself deserved to make the rounds and is worth a read, but the Post’s use of social media tools is also prompting some of the popularity.

Wapost_1  The three most recent blogs to mention the article appear in the "Who’s Blogging" box. Clicking on the Full List brings up all blogs that posted about the article according to Technorati.

You can also save and tag the article using the del.icio.us social bookmark tools.

What does this have to do with business blogging?

If you want to extend your reach and readership, pay attention to the post articles that matter to your business and your audience. If you have something relevant to say, do so with appropriate linkage.

Here’s how some others have posted about this article. Notice the different viewpoints, each creating value.

My suggestion is to register to WaPo (it’s free), subscribe to the feeds that matter to you (also free) and post when appropriate.

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