Is it Twilight Time for Blogs?

Dana Blankenhorn hits the nail on the (white)head with Blog Pimple About to Pop? Commenting on Slate’s Twilight of the Blogs piece about blogs as a business dying out, Dana makes several good points:

"Blogging is not a separate business from the Internet. Blogging is simply another way of producing a Web site."

"A blog, like a Web page itself, can be anything you want it to be."

"Each of these trends will boom, bust, consolidate and become ingrained in our daily lives, in turn."

The Blogging Journalist, Munir Umrani, echoes the question (then answers it),

"Is blogging a business? I think not for most bloggers, but it can be. Whether bloggers will make much money is another story."

In Munir’s previous post, he points to the Caymanian Compass getting upset about some bloggers being anonymous and mean-spirited.

Much of this one-sided view might be motivated by the recent New York article, Blogs to Riches and the ongoing conversation out there that Susan Getgood calls an A-List train wreck.

Blogs are Conversation Stations. Some are business people blogging. Some people use the platform as a business. Most people don’t give a toot either way. People. Conversations.

Susan scores a bulls-eye for businesses that are just starting to blog,

"Marketing 101: it isn’t about reaching the MOST people. It’s about reaching the RIGHT people."

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